Mindful Behavioral Inc. is an outpatient behavioral health in Columbia, South Carolina. Mindful Behavioral is accredited by CARF, which is a National Accreditation body which governs best practices in health care organizations and facilities. Mindful Behavioral is a Certified Provider by the South Carolina State Department Health and Human Services. Mindful Behavioral has a primary focus of providing counseling and community support services to those suffering from issues stemming from stress, depression, anger, substance abuse, financial and housing instability, grief, divorce, couple’s and family issues among other difficulties prominent in adulthood. We also treat childhood disorders to include Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), behavioral problems effecting academic abilities.


Our Experience

Mindful Behavioral provides state-of-the-art services to clients by utilizing a variety of the industry’s evidenced-based therapies. We provide English and Spanish speaking services from both our Psychiatrist, Licensed Clinicians, and Office Staff. We believe that each client is truly unique and we strive to cater to their individual needs. In addition to providing classical counseling services, Mindful Behavioral is one of the few outpatient facilities in South Carolina to provide Psychosocial Rehabilitative Behavioral Health Services, a group of intensive services that strive to elevate the most challenged clients back to their optimal level of functioning. As we recognize the many inherent challenges in today’s world, Mindful Behavioral offers both in-clinic and in-home services and assists clients with securing transportation for their appointments if they wish to receive their services at our facility.


Our Mission, Vision & Values

The experience of each client at Mindful Behavioral is shaped by our Mission, Vision and Values which are grounded in dignity and progress toward recovery in our client-centered approach.


Mission Statement

To create, promote and maintain a positive relationship with our clients by providing superior services that are person-centered.


Vision Statement

We will strive to demonstrate integrity and excellence in everything that we do and hold ourselves accountable.



Creativity: We encourage our consumers, family members, employees, and stakeholders to be creative with accessing opportunities that improve their overall quality of life.


Appreciation: We value and invest in everyone we come in contact with in hopes that in return they see us as a resource and lifelong partner.


Encouragement: Our beliefs are that with encouragement and motivation, we can make the impossible more possible.


Development: We invest in the success of others to be better citizens and partners to the community. We take pride in growing the agency with growing individuals.


Professionalism: We pride ourselves on skill, courtesy, and respect of others. As a team, we focus on solutions and conduct our business in high regard.


Diversity: We believe it is our obligation to provide an array of services by people with different cultural backgrounds. Our outreach is beyond language barriers, ethnic differences, or disabilities. By being a diverse team, we can better serve the community as a whole.


Our Team

Our Team Members consist of seasoned Administrative and Operations Specialist, Board Certified Child and Family Psychiatrists, Spanish Speaking Psychiatrist, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Independent Social Workers, Licensed Master Social Worker, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Psychometrist, Qualified Mental Health Professionals, and Family Group Conference Specialist. We have English & Spanish Speaking Licensed Therapist on site.


Akila Proctor, CEO
Dr. Thornton Mckinney, Psychiatrist
Dr. Ramesh Gihwala, Psychiatrist
Dr. Don Dubose, Psychiatrist
Dr. Tiona Praylow, Psychiatrist
Sheri Campbell, LISW, CP-AP, Clinical Supervisor
Alexandria Wunderlich, LISW-CP
Lacresha Brumfield, LISW-CP

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