One on one therapy provided by a licensed therapist to assist with teaching coping skills and management symptoms of their illness.

Psychotherapy or “therapy” is a process that’s a lot like learning. Through therapy consumers learn about themselves. They discover ways to overcome difficulties, develop inner strengths or skills, or make changes in themselves or their situations. Often, it feels good just to have a person to vent to, and other times it’s useful to learn different techniques to help deal with stress.

A psychotherapist or “therapist” is a person who has been professionally trained to help people deal with stress or other problems. Psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, and counselors are the titles of some of the licensed professionals who work as therapists. The letters following a therapist’s name (for example, MD, DO, PhD, EdD, MA, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, LPC, LMFT, LPA) refer to the particular degree and license/certification that the therapist has received. There are several ways that therapy can be provided.


The following are the most common:

Individual Therapy when a consumer meets with a therapist one on one
Family Therapy when a therapist works with a family unit (related or not)
Group Therapy when a therapist works with a group of people who are all dealing with similar issues
Couples Therapy when a therapist works with a couple dealing with marital or relationship issues


Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program
SAIOP is a service designed to provide individual and group therapy for individuals suffering with substance abuse or alcohol issues. This service is supervised by a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor.


Counseling For Our Elderly
Therapy to the adults over 65 is critically needed for our senior citizens struggling with the lost of a love one, dealing with chronic medical illness, undergoing cancer treatment, and feeling of loneliness and depression.